Back To Back Conventions

Written by creativeeyeimagery

October 11, 2019

It’s been a hectic few weeks and it’s going to be rather hectic for the next couple of weeks. Not so much about getting out and doing shoots, but rather working through the mountain of editing from two Comic-Con Conventions back to back. That’s right two. First, there was Brisbane Comic-Con which was held over the weekend of September 21-22, 2019. Followed the next weekend with Sydney Comic-Con, held over the weekend of September 28 – 29, 2019.

First up it was Brisbane. It seemed a lot quieter than past Comic-Cons have been. Nevertheless, I did have several shoots to do over the weekend. Including the first couple of group shoots at a convention. Usually it’s been single person photo shoot. Except maybe the random cosplayers I take a passing photo of and they are a group of some kind.

This is a handful of some of the shots from Brisbane Comic-Con

Before I had even had a chance to catch up on all the editing from Brisbane, it was on to Sydney for five days. Only two of which were the actual Comic-Con Convention. It was an interesting experience this visit to Sydney. I didn’t feel quite so lost. I knew how to get to my accommodation, which is always a good sign. Getting into my accommodation, well, that was a different story. Took me a couple of trips out for some fresh air that first night to get the hang of all the keypad security measures.

After my night of settling in to the accomodation, It was an early morning and a quick five minute walk to the Sydney Showgrounds. I was grateful that the temperatures were not as cold as a couple of months earlier.

The Convention itself was hectic and busy. Not only for myself, but also the event itself seemed more alive and more people in attendance. I was booked out for Saturday and most of Sunday. Having shot a mixture of Disney Princesses, Superheroes and villains.

I was taken aback at one stage, where I couldn’t walk 10 Metres, before someone stopped me. Was starting to feel like one of the popular cosplayers that can’t walk a few steps, before someone wants to take a photo or selfie with them. I also came across some cosplayers from Melbourne, asking me if I was going to any conventions down there. Which to date, I haven’t been to one. It’s looking like at least one of the Melbourne conventions is going to be on my list for 2020.

With Sydney done and dusted. I’m currently in the process of working through all the editing from the two conventions and then get ready for the next one coming in early November. That being Brisbane SupaNova.

Below are some of the shots and edits done from Sydney Comic-Con 2019

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