BrisNova 2019

Written by creativeeyeimagery

November 22, 2019

A couple of weeks ago we had the last Major Pop Culture event for 2019 in Brisbane, that being Brisbane Supanova 2019, held at the Brisbane Convention Centre in South Brisbane. Once again it was full of cosplayers and general convention attendees, despite the rail system being in chaos due to weekend track work in the inner city area. Leaving some having to travel the last stretch of their journey by bus. Sometimes I get the feeling that Queensland Rail actually time the track work to coincide with the event, as it’s been the case the last three year that I’ve attended Brisbane Supanova.

Nevertheless, Brisbane Supanova was eventful with their special celebrity guests, including John Travolta. The cosplayers were also looking amazing with a combination of Screen Accurate characters, Anime Characters, Movie and TV characters, some with original twists to them. I never had the opportunity to go and have a wander through the main halls with all the booths and artist alley. I was outside focusing on shooting a series of cosplayers across the three day event.

Characters such as John McClane from Die Hard, A punk rendition of The Joker, A pirate and Christmas spin on Harley Quinn, a gender bend spin of Danny Sexbang from Ninja Sex Party, A version of DC Comic’s Moon Knight and more.

Below are some of the edits and photos taken over the Supanova Weekend.

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