Leather, Lingerie and Fairy Lights

Written by creativeeyeimagery

June 14, 2019

I had the privilege of shooting Kyra for a Boudoir shoot yesterday. Which for her was taking a big step, although we had previously done a shoot back in April at the Gold Coast Supanova.

The shoot was both an experiment and trying something a little different.

For Kyra, it was a chance to do a boudoir shoot, which she had expressed to me she wanted to do, although had never done one before. Also she is a fan of Danny Sexbang, which we did a boudoir version of.

The session began with playing with fairy lights, which was an interesting experiment as I had never shot with them before. It was an interesting challenge getting the balance right between flash and fairy lights, with the aim to get most of the lighting for those shots from the lights and the flash just filling in a little.

After about an hour of trying different settings and ideas, we moved on to a more traditional boudoir shoot, with a change of lingerie in the middle from a red set with a gold pattern to a set with black vinyl look. With the black set, a leather jacket was added to mix things up a bit. Finishing with the addition of a long black curly wig and the Danny Sexbang inspired Sunglasses, for the Danny Sexbang inspired boudoir set.

Below are a few sample shoot taken yesterday.

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