Red-Back Fever in Redcliffe

Written by creativeeyeimagery

January 25, 2019

A funny thing happened a few days ago. I was out doing some shopping at the local shopping centre when I walked past this guy. I looked at him and thought to myself, “He looks familiar.” However, I couldn’t put my finger on it. Trying not to look so obvious, I walked passed and then back tracked. To my surprise, I did know the guy. It was Daniel, a cosplayer from Victoria, known as “The Melbourne City Vigilante.”

This chance meeting resulted in a few text messages and phone calls back and forth, resulting in a spontaneous a couple of days later down at Redcliffe, in Brisbane’s north.

The shot eventually expanded to include Abbie, another cosplayer. known as “Abbie Arachnid”.

I had perviously shot with Daniel back early last year as part of a DC Comics photo shoot. Back then he was doing a great Green Arrow.

I had also perviously worked with Abbie at Gold Coast SupaNova in 2018.

The shoot went for a few hours and was basically split in two parts. The first part was Daniel cosplaying Mon-El, a character from the Supergirl series. The second part was a trip into the Spiderverse, with Daniel cosplaying an original spin with a character called “Red-Back” and Abbie doing a great job of both “Spidergirl” and “Spider-Gwen”.

The shoot resulted in a variety of shots, including both of them getting out of their comfort zones, to try and capture a real romantic chemistry between “Red-Back” and “Spider-Gwen”.

Below are a series of photos taken on the day. Including some candid, silly, but entertaining shots.

Above: Daniel “The Melbourne City Vigilante” as Mon-El

Above: Abbie (Abbie Arachnid) Cosplaying Spider Girl

Above: Daniel (The Melbourne City Vigilante) Cosplaying Red-Back

Above: Daniel (The Melbourne City Vigilante) Cosplaying “Red-Back” and Abbie (Abbie Arachnid) cosplaying “Spider Girl”

Above: Daniel (The Melbourne City Vigilante) Cosplaying “Red-Back” and Abbie (Abbie Arachnid) cosplaying “Spider-Gwen”

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