Splish Splash!! Ariel at the beach

Written by creativeeyeimagery

November 27, 2018

On Sunday, I had the privilege of doing a three part photo shoot with Brie, which combined Cosplay and Swimwear. It was the first time, I’d shot that particular combination in a shoot.

The shoot was also a first for Brie. She had not done a photo shoot like this before and was nervous to begin with, but ended up having a blast and boosted her confidence so much.

It was a fun and relaxed shoot on the beach. Luckily the rain and what appeared to be a storm coming in just made the skies dark and cloudy at times, with the occasional few drops of rain.

The first part of the shoot was the cosplay part where Brie was in a summery blue dress and a red wig. We shot that part of the shoot in and amongst the rocky part of the beach. I loved the way the red of the wig contrasted against the blue sky.

The second part of the shoot was in a bikini that had the Ariel colours of green and light blue. Now, it was time to get wet and amongst the water. Not only for Brie, but also for myself too. With it being a hot and humid day, that was a blessing. Just had to make sure the camera stayed dry.

The finals phase of the photo shoot was a nice striped bikini, which had a 50’s/60’s feel to them. By this part of the shoot, the sun was starting to set, and with the clouds above, resulted in some amazing shots.

At the end of the shoot, I showed Brie the shots off the back of the camera and to put it simply, she loved them and didn’t believe she looked that good. Which for me, made the shoot even better. To have your subject see the photos and get blown away by them.

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