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This is what some of the people we’ve worked with have had to say.


“I have been following John since the start of 2018 and met him at Brisbane Supanova that year as he so kindly offered to do a mini photoshoot for me as Ariel and I thankfully agreed. When I met John he was so kind and friendly and then when we did our shoot together he was very professional. I received the photos not long after and was so happy with the work he had done that when I found out he was coming to sydney supanova I booked in a shoot with him to shoot my Ariel again. The professionalism, passion and patience he has during his photoshoot makes me feel very comfortable and relaxed. When i received my shoot photos again I was so thankful for the hard work he put into making my photos look as incredible as they are! The creative edits were just so beautiful and is even more reason to shoot with him. I’m looking forward to shooting with him again and would highly recommend working with John to friends and family.”


Cosplay Client

“John is amazing to work with. I shot with him for the first time at Sydney Supanova 2019. He was friendly and very laid back and made me feel comfortable during the shoot.
The photo’s are extremely high quality, and the creative shots are out of this world.”


Cosplay Client

“Did a shoot with him as Anna and it was fun and loved the images when they came back.”


Cosplay Client

“I got to do a shoot at Sydney supernova just recently, was a great opportunity, John was super great to work with. The extra added bonus was if he didn’t have prior knowledge of your cosplay character that he would do some research of said character beforehand.”


Cosplay Client

“I’ve had the privilege to shoot with Creative Eye Imagery for the second time! First time Brisnova 2018 and this year at Goldnova 2019. Both times going above and beyond to ensure beautiful shots that perfectly matched the very different Characters. Photos of good quality and very fast processing times. Looking forward to our next shoot!”


Cosplay Client

“Such a nice photographer to work with, he knows how to make you feel comfortable during a photoshoot and he makes it feel more like a fun hangout rather than a super serious photoshoot, would recommend 11/10”


Cosplay Client

“I’ve shot with John twice; both were very different in nature but both turned out amazing! John is great joy to work with and I’ll definitely be booking him again for future shoots!

I would definitely would recommend creative eye imagery to others!”


Cosplay Client

“I have been talking with him for ages about his work as I loved a lot of the edits he has done. Finally got to book in a shoot for Brisbane Supanova and was so happy with the quality of work and the professionalism.

He made me feel very comfortable and helped with suggesting poses that would look good on camera.

100% will work with again probably for non cosplay work as well.”


Cosplay Client

“It was a really fun shoot and John was a blast to work with. He was very professional and makes you feel comfortable and amazing. I definitely 10/10 recommend him to everyone 



Cosplay Client

“John is so lovely and nice! I myself am a shy person, but he made it really easy to work with him. Definitely recommend”


Cosplay Client

“John was a pleasure to work with, discussing ideas and setting for the character prior to the shoot, very professional and easy going during and post shoot gave me magnificent photos which matched the genre and style of my character as well as very swift work. Would highly recommend working with him and look forward to working with him again sometime!”


Cosplay Client

“John is an exceptional photographer to work with. He’s very friendly, very creative with his work and the end result of his shoots are amazing. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a Photographer.”


Cosplay Client

“It was my first professional photo shot and I was quite nervous, but John made the experience wonderful and help set the mood for the rest of the con. It meant so much to me that he actually took the time to research Lafayette and Hamilton to figure out how we should go about with poses and background. On the day John talked about how he could edit on a beard over the top of the make up, but what I imagined was nothing close to what I got. It was so much better and it just helped bring together the cosplay so much more. For the creative composites photos they blew me away and more then what I could imagine.”


Cosplay Client

“John is amazing to work with. I watched him shoot with my friend at Supanova 2019, I then booked him for Oz Comic Con 2019 after seeing him work and his final product. He is friendly and very easy to work with, while being very respectful.
His final photos are amazing especially the full edits.”


Cosplay Client

“Great photography! So easy to deal with, photos were discussed as we went so I knew exactly what to expect and which would be edited. Prices were up front and communication was excellent. Highly recommend.”


Cosplay Client

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with John multiple times in the last couple of months. As someone with little prior experience in photoshoots, John has shared his knowledge and his easy going nature in getting the best professional results out of me. Loved the results so far. 100% will shoot with again.”


Cosplay Client

“Very easy to work with, and gave me exactly what I had hoped for, without compromise. Very happy.”


Cosplay Client

“I got the chance to shoot with John at Gold Coast Supanova and it was honestly such a great experience. John is incredibly professional and has such a great eye when it comes to getting a great shot. The photos I got back are all super high quality & I honestly couldn’t be any happier with the result. I would definitely recommend shooting with him if you get the chance.”


Cosplay Client

“I shot with John at Gold Coast Supanova 2019. He’s super easy going and it was a great experience to see how he works. The pictures I’ve gotten back are super high quality and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. All in all, I would highly recommend John and will definitely shoot with him again.”


Cosplay Client

“John was extremely easy to work with. He gave me plenty of freedom to try different things while also giving suggestions when needed.
I was a little nervous leading up to the shoot because I had never done swimsuit photos before, but John made me feel 100% comfortable the whole time.

I would definitely recommend John to anyone who is looking for a friendly and experienced photographer.”


Cosplay Client

“John is really great to work with. Always makes me feel comfortable.
And the shots you get back are amazing!”


Cosplay Client

“I shot with John for the first time at Brisbane Supanova 2018, I found him very friendly and easy going. I felt very relaxed the whole shoot. The photos you get back are high quality and look amazing.

Would definitely shoot with him again next time I’m in Brisbane.”


Cosplay Client

“John is Really easy to work with, loves to collaborate on ideas and ensured that I was happy with the photos before we moved on to other shots.

I felt comfortable and confident! I couldn’t ask for a better photographer.”


Cosplay Client

“John is an amazing photographer to work with! He’s very good at thinking outside the box when taking a photo and really considers what you want the end result to be and how best to capture the model. His attention to detail when editing the photos is astounding, he always goes above and beyond!

Very happy, 100% would recommend working with him.”


Cosplay Client

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