Up, Up, and Away! A Super Photoshoot

Written by creativeeyeimagery

May 17, 2019

Last week, I had the privilege of doing a shoot with Rachael (Alpha Cosplay on Instagram and Facebook), debuting her new Supergirl cosplay, based on the DC Supergirl TV Show, although I didn’t know it leading up to the shoot, all I knew is that it was Supergirl.

So here I was sitting at Southbank, in Brisbane waiting for Rachael to arrive. Suddenly, the car pulls up and out steps Supergirl.

We spent a couple of hours shooting in and around South Brisbane, with an almost clear blue sky and the occasional breeze, of which we took advantage of, for some natural cape action.

I had in mind a couple of ideas for a composite edit or two. Which Rachael, did a magnificent job of, as a couple of shots took several attempts to get it right, and being with the cosplay being Supergirl, was physically a bit of a challenge. Not only for her, but also tackling the breeze if it decided to blow the wrong way and hair blowing over her face, making her look like a heavy metal fan head banging at a concert.

When the shoot concluded, we were both loving the shots we got. Supergirl flew off and I went and caught the train back home to start editing. But before we parted company, she told me not to tell anyone about the shoot. So for a week I’ve been sitting on these shots and edits.

Here’s are some of the highlights from the SUPER Supergirl photo shoot.

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